Biennale Internationale HORS COURANTS du 2 Juin au 23 Juillet 2010
                     40 artistes sélectionnés
Peinture, dessin/graphisme, vidéo, installation, sculpture
                    thématique : miniatures

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Biennial Contemporary Art festival ‘ HORS COURANTS’

“Out of the Ordinary”

2nd edition : ‘miniatures’


Location :

Galerie Lulu Mirettes, 28, rue Caraman 31000 Toulouse, FRANCE

From June 2nd to July 23rd, 2010

Paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, videos, installations

We are accepting pieces that are:

Unusual, surprising, bizarre, sarcastic, dark, revealing, condemning, funny, Pieces that explore: the uncertain, the point of view or graphic lines, topical/current depictions

Download the call to artists : call_to_artists_biennial_Hors_Courants_